Performed by both vets and technicians:

  • Weighing
    • We have a brand new set of electronic weigh scales including a NAIT scanner which we can bring to farm for weighing all types of stock. We recommend scheduled regular weighing of young stock to manage feed and meet growth targets. We offer comprehensive anaylsis of weight data and the use of MindaWeights.
  • Disbudding
    • We recommend disbudding calves from the age of 4 days old. Calves actually recover quicker, with less of a growth check if disbudding is performed when they are younger. We believe our practice protocol is the most humane and pain free method of permanently removing horn buds and preventing horn growth. We use a sedative (veterinary use only) to heavily sedate all the calves, followed by local anaesthetic to numb the area. The horn buds are burnt off while the calves are asleep and numb, and an antibiotic spray is then applied to prevent infection. We also check for and remove any extra teats from replacement heifers, inspect umbilical cords for infection and treat as necessary, castrate by elastration any bull calves wanted for steers, and vaccinate for the 5 clostridial diseases. All for a VERY reasonable price – please phone the clinic for a quote. We also offer post-operative pain relief if desired. Calves usually wake up and go back to their normal routine within 45 minutes to an hour. Please do not feed your calves within 2 hours prior or following disbudding.
  • Pregnancy testing
    • We have 6 competent scanning vets/technicians and 4 ultrasound machines meaning we can accommodate a high volume of farms and large herd sizes. We also have 2 full sets of herringbone platforms and 2 mobile caddy’s suitable for in the pit which we will bring to you. We offer a range of services including full herd aging, simple yes/no and late identification. For full herd aging an early scan is required (12-14 weeks after start of mating or 6 weeks after end of AI) as well as the late scan which is typically 6 weeks after the bull is removed.
    • We have two Trimbles which are handheld electronic devices fit for use in the dairy shed to record results as we go and be uploaded directly to MINDA.
    • We offer lepto vaccination at the same time for a discounted price
  • Teat sealant insertion
    • Teat sealant use is becoming extremely popular as its effectiveness is being proven over and again. While we advocate the use of teat sealant in heifers and strategic use in cows at dry off, we recommend supervision due to the consequences if not performed appropriately/hygienically. If you would like our staff to come and teat seal your heifers or cows please call us at the clinic to make a booking early. If you would like to use teat sealant in your cows we offer 30mins free veterinary demonstration on farm and staff training, followed by a technician rate.