• Horses

    Our Vet Sandra hunting her horse Tara

  • Fish

    We have a large variety of goldfish available

  • Staff

    Dr Peterson and Mel at one of our open days

  • Staff

    Having fun at open day

  • Clinic shop

    Our Whakatane shop offers loads of great deals!

  • Horses

    A friendly neighbour helps our vet Martine with her farm calls

  • Horses

    Horse-n-cart at our open day

  • Opotiki Clinic

    Sterile surgery theatre at Opotiki

  • Opotiki Clinic

    Opotiki shop

  • Dogs

    One of our vets Belgian Shepherds doing agility

  • Kiwi

    A very special patient

  • Farming

    One of the beautiful scenes our vets get to experience out in the field

  • Open Day


  • Opotiki Clinic

    Treatment room

  • Opotiki Clinic


  • Opotiki Clinic


  • Pet Shop

    One of our rabbits for sale in Whakatane

  • Farming

    A scenic farm visit to Matawai

  • Trick Jumping


  • Persil

    Our Clinic Cat

  • Whakatane Staff

    Some of the friendly faces at our Whakatane branch

  • Kwali

    Doing a beautiful jump at agility